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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Switzerland- Germany- India

April 2014:
Switzerland- Germany- India 

Switzerland! where a small coffee costs $7....



Diamond encrusted boots
Valued at *3 Million dollars* - I didn't dare pretend to be Cinderella.

 Back to India after a week in Switzerland + Germany

The reason I like Sofitel-  
The work space +  personally reserved room for me at all times.

With my vendors who are more like friends-

Sunday: spent my day relaxing at the pool before going to Pheonix mall. 

A take at Yauatcha Mumbai- My favorite dimsum hot spot which I go to every time im in India.
Wasn't happy with the $100 bottle of wine which actually costs $20 here in NY.

 The poverty kills me...
Makes me want to adopt a little one every time.

People ask how I do the things I do, Truth is:
 I could travel to HELL and back for the two love of my lives. 

People also wonder what kind of atmosphere I work in since its India:
Behold- The country of the fabulously RICH & desperately Poor... 

3.5 - 5.5 Million dollar 75.97 carat pear being auctioned at Christies.

My WHY in Life

A blog that sums up the past month or two while in between travels~

Career Day!  Everyone gets a DIAMOND worth a "Million Lollipops"!
After a short powerpoint presentation, They all wanted to see it it was "breakable"- 
They're so cute at this age~

Bad boy Nate LOVES making me chase him.. 
(YES, Hes going to kill me one day for this)

Snuck in a picture while he was preoccupied with candy in his mouth.

Brotherly LOVE? or Worst ENEMIES-

Christian and his school buddy who he calls his Best friend~ 

(Kim Jae Won  aka Killer smile)

Last month, when I wasn't feeling well- Christian had written me a very sweet message.
Thank you, I did need "100 medicines" at the time- Lol

The reason why I got sick; eating out for an entire week for lunch and dinner.
Had guests from South East Asia~

One of the GREATEST Broadway shows! I highly recommend watching Wicked~

Friday movie night.   YAY I get to choose! *AHEM*
 The Little Mermaid!

One of my favorite "LAZY" breakfast dishes for when Im running late for work~
(Try it mommies! They always finish it)

 I wish I could replace my others with this one.....

My little Sparring Munchkin, growing up so fast~

I Thought they did this at age: Fifteen...  Not at FIVE!
(Honestly I don't have a problem with it: As long as he includes his brother Nathaniel~)

This past Friday: He LOVES coming to work with Mommy-

Met Daddy so we could ride the train back home together.  
Rock paper scissors says shoot!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Overdue Pics

Homemade Volcano! 


 A success!

... and another Gingerbread house project to keep them busy~

Wish I had taken a photo before rearranging their room ( we basically moved most of their toys into storage wanting to reinforce more of a study friendly environment).  
 I hope their love for books never change.

AND some MORE overdue pics-

Alex & Eunices wedding

Ring boy & Flower Girl

Dinner + Radio City Spectacular double date
(Thanks to my brother)
with my sister + brother in law! 

 ..........  my husband.......


Sunday, February 9, 2014


 The worst blogger comes back after 6 months of being MIA! YAY!
Sorry for being inconsistent with my posts... After much (okay- a few) demand, I will try to keep them coming consistently!!!

 Here are a few pictures of my most recent 10 day Mumbai Trip
(Finally arrived home with a flight delay of 7 hrs at the airport + 16 hr flight- a whopping total of 23 hrs of just GetMeTheHellOutOfHereAlready!).  

Was invited to one of my vendors wedding in Surat which is a 3 hr train ride/45 min flight from where I was staying (Mumbai).
Because I was only able to attend Saturday-Sunday,  I took the 6am Sadabdi express train... Don't ask me why theres only 1 direct flight per day... I stopped asking.

(TRAIN?! Don't worry this time I literally had 8 people accompanying me)

 "Traffic rules? Whats that??"  
PS All you ever hear in India is HONKING.

When an accident occurs (sometimes even death), nobody is at fault.  The woman in the blue (on the motorcycle) is carrying a infant on her lap.   I've seen a family of 5 riding a handful of times...

Cows.. Camels and Donkeys roam the streets here in Surat.

Getting ready for the wedding of the year! (rephrase: pre-wedding ceremonies- couldn't attend the extravagant wedding due to my schedule).

Thank God I brought my own Saree, the one they provided bared the entire mid section...

Henna/ Mehndi

 The Sangeet ceremony where we danced and danced and was forced to dance some more....

 That huge house in the background belongs to one of my vendors (below).
India consists of: 10% of whom are Millionaires..  30% middle class and the rest 60% who are poor & live in slums...  and ill stop it at that. 

 Photographers were everywhere... It says to be they spent 700K altogether.   

They sat me and all their overseas clients in a VIP tent which I found slightly odd-
I guess in the western culture; it would have been close family relatives occupying this canopy...


An anonymous gift the couple received!  A PORSCHE!?

After the wedding, took the first morning flight back to Mumbai via Spice Jet!

As soon as I landed I had lunch at the Taj Mahal hotel with the only Korean dealer partially living in India and the owner of  ****.

YES, The same Taj Mahal where the terrorist attack happened in 2008....

(Bottom left: Gateway of India monument in front of the Taj)

Safe to eat... (haha)

Who says I don't work!!!
*ahem* my husband...

BKC COMPLEX- Bharat Diamond Bourse which I spend most of my days-

This 15carat rough diamond will produce 3 diamonds after its finished.
bottom right will finish a 5ct D VVS.

 Finally HOME and I wanted to share below:

Ladies, with all the craziness going on in this world... and the recent couple of incidents here in
New York, I found this on Amazon. 
A self defense brush dagger which conveniently fits in any purse. 

Hopefully nobody will ever have to use it- in any case, always remember: keep calm & pressure points.


Thank you guys for the support and the love you have shown~!!!