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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


(  A quick post after a red eye flight from Vegas!  )

Memorial day weekend with my

Cutie Patooties!

Michael J. Tully Park
My father used to bring us (siblings and I) here when we were younger  to swim laps
(TWENTY laps... to be exact which restarted if we stopped in the middle!)

Brought back great memories <3

Newly renovated to be kid friendly!   

He said he never wanted to get on that slide again- 

BBQ at Cedar beach 

Holding hands while "surfing" on the tides~



Beautiful family~ 

 Christian and his Camera ready smile- 


To all the soldiers who fought for our freedom.

(Now off to yank the kids out of school at 12pm~ Yay Mommies home!!!)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hotel Del Coronado- American Gem Society Conclave

Was honored to become a Title holder of the American Gem Society!

This year, they held their annual conclave at
the amazing Hotel Del Coronado!
A landmark hotel where presidents, royalty & celebrity's stayed throughout the years.


List of 2104 New American Gem Society Title holders!  

Fashion Show- 
Boooo Sorry, Cant see the Magnificent Jewels!!

One of the five amazing speakers who spoke,
 was the CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises!
"Don't DREAM it,  BECOME IT!"

This is the process where one puts facets on a Diamond. 

Dinner and drinks w/ Mr. Martin Rapaport himself- A gentleman and a scholar.

My boys love Hot dogs so I had to tell them, I actually met a silly Hot dog!
Im not sure if they believed me (hey- still 5 and 3yrs old...)

The little downtime in between seminars + meetings. 

Stumbled across the Coronado Flower show while walking around town.
 The bottom middle rose smelled so good!!
it smelled just like Passion fruit!???!

As soon as I returned, we celebrated Grandmas Birthday at one of our favorite restaurants

Then Surprised Christian at his school by being


"Do one thing everyday that scares you."- Eleanor Roosevelt.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Switzerland- Germany- India

April 2014:
Switzerland- Germany- India 

Switzerland! where a small coffee costs $7....



Diamond encrusted boots
Valued at *3 Million dollars* - I didn't dare pretend to be Cinderella.

 Back to India after a week in Switzerland + Germany

The reason I like Sofitel-  
The work space +  personally reserved room for me at all times.

With my vendors who are more like friends-

Sunday: spent my day relaxing at the pool before going to Pheonix mall. 

A take at Yauatcha Mumbai- My favorite dimsum hot spot which I go to every time im in India.
Wasn't happy with the $100 bottle of wine which actually costs $20 here in NY.

 The poverty kills me...
Makes me want to adopt a little one every time.

People ask how I do the things I do, Truth is:
 I could travel to HELL and back for the two love of my lives. 

People also wonder what kind of atmosphere I work in since its India:
Behold- The country of the fabulously RICH & desperately Poor... 

3.5 - 5.5 Million dollar 75.97 carat pear being auctioned at Christies.

My WHY in Life

A blog that sums up the past month or two while in between travels~

Career Day!  Everyone gets a DIAMOND worth a "Million Lollipops"!
After a short powerpoint presentation, They all wanted to see it it was "breakable"- 
They're so cute at this age~

Bad boy Nate LOVES making me chase him.. 
(YES, Hes going to kill me one day for this)

Snuck in a picture while he was preoccupied with candy in his mouth.

Brotherly LOVE? or Worst ENEMIES-

Christian and his school buddy who he calls his Best friend~ 

(Kim Jae Won  aka Killer smile)

Last month, when I wasn't feeling well- Christian had written me a very sweet message.
Thank you, I did need "100 medicines" at the time- Lol

The reason why I got sick; eating out for an entire week for lunch and dinner.
Had guests from South East Asia~

One of the GREATEST Broadway shows! I highly recommend watching Wicked~

Friday movie night.   YAY I get to choose! *AHEM*
 The Little Mermaid!

One of my favorite "LAZY" breakfast dishes for when Im running late for work~
(Try it mommies! They always finish it)

 I wish I could replace my others with this one.....

My little Sparring Munchkin, growing up so fast~

I Thought they did this at age: Fifteen...  Not at FIVE!
(Honestly I don't have a problem with it: As long as he includes his brother Nathaniel~)

This past Friday: He LOVES coming to work with Mommy-

Met Daddy so we could ride the train back home together.  
Rock paper scissors says shoot!

Happy Easter everyone!